You’ve had a setback. Personal or professional, whether you had a negative job performance review or lost a client, you can bounce back, starting today.

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Your setback is unique…or is it?

We’ve spent years studying setbacks. While your setback may be unique, there are certain dynamics that are similar across most setbacks – embarassment, humiliation, shock, anger, frustration, fear, and an increase in impostor syndrome, just to name a few. We’re experts at helping people bounce back from their setbacks, helping them return to loving jobs they’ve come to hate after a bad job performance review or lost promotion. In short, while your setback may be unique, we’re here to help you bounce back and become the rockstar you’re meant to be.

Your team members can thrive again

Enterprise-level support for your employees

Negative job performance evaluations can result in a 57% attrition rate and a significant decrease in employee engagement and productivity, both of which create an enormous expense for any company. Our clients who are going through setbacks like negative appraisals typically experience the following within the first 2 weeks:

  • Increase in overall job satisfaction.
  • Increase in engagement.
  • Improved job performance.


What We Can Do For You

We offer independent, self-paced training backed by solid instructional design and learning theory, virtual coaching, and one-on-one executive coaching with experienced coaches to managers and executives experiencing setbacks.

Work with a Coach

Access the support you need, how and when you need it most – virtually or on the phone.

The original book

The BounceBack Artist, where it all started, provides the foundation for the REBOUNDS system.

Self-Paced Training

Our entire REBOUNDS system, on demand, in as little as 9 weeks.

build resilience and confidence

Bounce back from your setback and be prepared for any more in the future – more resilient and confident than ever.

From Our Founder

Setbacks – The First Step to Greatness

Life is full of setbacks. I’ve seen my clients go through a thousand of them in my many years of coaching executives. Setbacks can be excruciating. You’re worried about who knows what you’re going through, you’re afraid of losing your job, you’re thinking about how to fix it all, but feeling so much that it’s hard to be intentional and strategic. 

We get it. I’ve been through my own challenges, as you’ll read in The BounceBack Artist. We’re experts in resilience at The BounceBack Artist, and we believe in your ability not only to bounce back, but to thrive, and be stronger and more effective than ever. That’s why I created the REBOUNDS system, a program designed to help you recover from any setback – forever!