Your HR Reality Check: 

Job performance reviews are a part of corporate life.

Some managers do it well. Some don’t. And, invariably, in every round of reviews, someone will get negative feedback.

Negative feedback shouldn’t be a surprise, right?

Best practice dictates that employees should always know what’s coming in their reviews. 

In reality, you know that all leaders and managers don’t communicate with their team members so they know what’s coming.

In fact, the research shows that 90% of performance reviews are painful to the employee – that’s both good and bad evaluations!

Conventional wisdom suggests that employees who are truly motivated respond positively to negative feedback. Unfortunately, the research has shown that this notion is completely wrong! So, imagine: when negative feedback comes, it can change everything.

After a negative job performance review:


Employees who start looking for a new job


Employees who flat-out quit their jobs


Companies that report an increase in absenteeism, resignations, or both

The Costs: 


BILLIONS in lost productivity by disengaged workers, annually

Average cost to recruit and train a single employee earning $60,000/year.


of an executive's salary to recruit and train a replacement

The Alternative:

REBOUNDS, an intervention program from The BounceBack Artist

Instead of losing those team members to poor productivity, disengagement, and attrition, you can:

  • Retain your team members,
  • Re-engage your disengaged employees,
  • Transform employees with negative appraisals into rockstars who enthusiastically act upon the feedback they’ve received,

…all for a fraction of the cost of lost productivity, 
absenteeism, recruitment, and training!!

“Thank you for your work with Chris! She’s becoming the leader I always knew she could be, if she could just get out of her own way!”

A REBOUNDS Client's Supervisor

What We Offer:

The REBOUNDS program is an 8-step system that teaches participants how to recognize and overcome personal and professional setbacks such as a negative performance review, a lost job, or a failed client project.

The full, six-month program locks in their new habits and is available at three levels, from an on-demand “DIY” course to customized, high-level , one-on-one coaching.

Our training is backed by solid andragogical and instructional design principles. That means participants actually learn and integrate what we’re teaching.

The REBOUNDS program is designed to take your team members from setback to a full bounceback within six months.

Managers and HR professionals can log in to check activity and progress, and may opt to receive progress reports on their team members.

“Thank you for your help! I came to the BounceBack Artist because I was so focused on work that I let the rest of my life slide. Eventually everything was suffering and I was angry. I worked hard. Why wasn’t anything working right? I had to do something and the REBOUNDS program turned out to be what I needed to stop blaming everyone else for problems I created and learn how to fix it. Now I’m healthier, happier, and thriving, both personally and at work. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

Mark G.

Graduate, REBOUNDS DIY+Virtual Coaching

Most REBOUNDS clients experience:

  • Improvements within 2 weeks.
  • Improved productivity, job satisfaction, and overall performance (confirmed by their managers and board members!)
  • New habits and skillsets locked in!
  • Much improved job performance appraisals

“If you have ever felt like you were alone and did not know why you were struggling, Susan will help you see exactly what is going on. She has the ability to see through the stories you tell yourself to the truth, and to help you see it, too. You will have to work hard in this program, but a lot of the work is what Susan calls “thinking work” so it is not particularly time consuming, which was important to me, as a busy executive. Take a leap and jump into this program. You’ll be so glad you did.”

Anna R.

Graduate, REBOUNDS Program, 1:1 Executive Coaching

We offer three packages of the REBOUNDS program to meet a variety of needs: