Our Results:

Case Study: Angela*


Angela reached out to The BounceBack Artist a few months after bombing an interview for a promotion at work. Her boss had given her all the reasons why they hadn’t promoted her, and the feedback had paralyzed her and made her fearful of future interviews. Angela had also become completely disengaged from her current job. She felt frustrated, filled with self-doubt, and incredibly sad. Prior to her interview, she had loved her job and her company. 

Immediately after joining the REBOUNDS program, Angela said, “For months, I had talked to friends and coworkers, and no one had made me see the future in such a positive light. After I joined the program, I felt hope for the first time in ages.”

Angela completed the REBOUNDS program in nine weeks, and spent an additional four months locking in her new habits. She re-engaged at work and began making major changes. Within a year, Angela got an even better promotion than the one she hadn’t gotten before.

After having my own consulting practice for 20+ years, I became an employee at one of my clients. This should be easy! So why was I struggling in this new role? Susan was recommended to me and what a fantastic opportunity this has been!

I’ll admit, working with Susan is hard work, she holds you accountable and really pushes you to take a deep look inside yourself – who you are, how you got there, and what makes you the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

I’ve left my employee position and am headed back to consulting. This is right where I want to be, where I need to be, and with a much clearer vision for myself and my practice! Thank you Susan; it’s been a long journey and I would never have gotten here without you!

Marilyn Payne

Nonprofit Financial Consultant

Susan has been my coach for over a year and I can’t say enough positive things about her or about the experience. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone and improve my leadership skills in a myriad of ways.

I love that she helps me discover things about myself – both my strengths and areas of growth. Every coaching session with her comes with lots of “aha” moments and I always come out with very specific ideas of how I can do better, how I can improve my skills and how I can grow as a person and as a CEO.

I love the fact that she really listens and often hears beyond the words, many times having insights on things that I didn’t even realize.

She’s tough – you can’t fool her, or lie to yourself or her during your sessions – but you always feel encouraged and supported.

I truly cherish and rely on my hour coaching session with Susan – and also know she’s there for me if ever I need help, advice or someone to listen and help me figure out my next move. Coaching with her has truly been one of the best investments I or my organization has made.

There is no one I would more highly recommend if you want to get to the next level of your leadership and to really accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I am truly a huge fan of Susan’s and appreciate what an amazing person and coach she is.

Anne Miskey

Executive Director, Union Station Homeless Services and Downtown Women's Center

Case Study: Chris*


Chris joined the REBOUNDS program when her supervisor told her that she needed to increase her executive presence to progress. Her supervisor also told her that without developing her leadership skills, she would not be able to continue to grow in her career. At first, Chris felt resentful and frustrated. She was an introvert. How was she supposed to become more visible, when that was the last thing she wanted? Chris completed REBOUNDS within 12 weeks, and found ways to increase her visibility with the right people in ways that were organic to her. She learned new skillsets and was putting them into practice. When the next opportunity came up, her supervisor was happy to put her up for a promotion.

Case Study: Mark*


Mark contacted us when he had a big health scare. Overwhelmed with a busy work schedule, he’d been living on coffee and fast food and exercising way too little, neglecting his health completely. One night he thought he was having a heart attack, but fortunately, it turned out to be a panic attack, brought on by too much stress and not enough self-care.

Through the REBOUNDS program, Mark quickly stopped feeling sorry for himself and started taking action to improve his health. He not only began to manage the stress and create a healthier balance in his life, but he was able to do so while taking on new challenges at work.

Case Study: Joanne*


At an annual review, Joanne received negative feedback, indicating that she wasn’t meeting her manager’s expectations. She was shocked by this news, because she’d been working hard and thought she was meeting important benchmarks. She felt completely defeated and had no idea how to move on.

“I used to love my job, and now I hate it,” she said, “I sit in meetings resenting everyone and everything. I’m terrified all my coworkers know. I’m so humiliated.” Joanne blamed her boss and didn’t want to change. She actually left her company and found a new job, only to find herself in an even worse situation.

She reconnected with us, completed REBOUNDS in 12 weeks, and according to her next review, was performing beyond expectations. In her last session, she said, “If only I’d done the work sooner!”

I decided to work with Susan because I really needed to find a “peer” as a business owner…someone I could talk to about the trials and tribulations of owning a small business. Susan helped me to identify the things I am good at and the things I need to work on. As a result of working with Susan, I have learned to take risks, feel more confident and understand that I know more than I thought I knew!

I highly recommend Susan because she is kind, experienced, dedicated, a real person, and completely genuine in every possible way.

Susan is truly the most amazing person. She herself is business owner and understands what it means to do the hard work of managing, leading and growing a small business. My work with her in 2014 was the most important thing I have ever done to make my business sustainable.

Shelli Herman

CEO, Shelli Herman & Associates

I had but a brief experience of executive coaching with Susan, just one month due to our particular arrangement. 4 sessions, 5 five hours total. After just 2 hours together, Susan had deftly identified the crucial things that were standing in the path between where I was and where I wanted to go – blocks even I had never realized before. A year later, I can attest to the phenomenal results she was able to coach me to attain. Susan has a remarkable ability to dig very deep, very quickly, uncover hidden obstacles and how to overcome them, and to both inspire and empower you to take the actions needed to achieve your goals. It is an intense, rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to take it ALL to the next level.

Monica Swinney

Ph.D., Chief Engineer, Drug Delivery & Devices R&D Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.